Join us in a magical journey of transformation

June 18th-20th, 2021 (online using Zoom)

We can´t wait to reconnect with you dear ancient sisters and brothers of our hearts

Celebrating the ancient prophecy that the ElvenHearts would one day return, the theme for this year’s festival is the fate of the Cathars and the cosmic rebirth that the prophecy heralds.

We invite you to join a powerful, loving, magical, moving festival, where we heal our collective wounds, transform our mutual pain into soul art, sing into the heart of love and create a whole new era, where the fear of death can no longer control humankind.

Like a phoenix we arise from the ashes of our painful past. We are here at last. Reconnecting, seeing behind the illusion of separation and fear. We are still here and we are ready to step into the next level of our soul mission. Together we sing again, together we are whole and together we find a bright new way of wisdom that serves this planet and all her inhabitants.


Fulfilling an Ancient Prophecy

777 years ago, 225 Cathar priests and priestesses were burned at the stake in a Ring of Fire for challenging the beliefs of the Church of Rome. This took place at Montsegur, in Southern France, in March 1244 following a 10 month siege.

Rejecting an offer to be spared if they would swear allegiance to the Church of Rome, they went singing to their death thus manifesting a powerful collective will to defy the lies of the church. 77 years later, on August 21st, 1321 the last initiated Cathar priest was burned on the stake, and he prophesied that “in 700 years the laurels will grow green again.”

2021 is the year that was prophesied about 700 years ago and this years festival is dedicated to create a summer of healing. We will open a new door into the mysteries of initiation and offer an opportunity for a deep healing to those souls still carrying the stigma of the past.

Uniting Love and Power

The laurels are becoming green again and we are here to guide you home into the magnificent love you hold in your hearts, the tremendous power you convey, the immense depths of wisdom your paths has brought you.

It is time, dear brothers and sisters of the light that shines through the darkest night, to step fully into your soul mission, create your inner vision and bring your gifts forth to the world. We welcome you, we see you and you are so very needed.

Come and join us as we rise together. Reconnect with your long lost soul family and find true healing of your ancient wounds. Remember love rules and this time we shall give birth to a cosmic love, ignited by the flames in our hearts. Cosmic fire shall rise in love.

Meet with Wonderful Souls

Lars Muhl

Lars is a Danish author, mystic and musician, born in Aarhus, Denmark in 1950.

Like Paulo Coelho, Lars was for many years a successful singer/songwriter who, concurrently with his music, studied the world’s religions and esoteric knowledge. Then in 1996, he was struck down by an unexplained illness, which neither doctors nor alternative therapists could diagnose. For three years he lay in bed without being able to move or think straight. Through a close friend’s intervention, Lars was put in touch with a seer who, via the telephone, brought him back to life. That was the start of a completely new existence and the beginning of that quest he has so grippingly described in his trilogy book ‘The O Manuscript’.

Anaïya Sophia

Anaiya is a Mystic, Storyteller, Soul Oracle and Author of Revelatory Wisdom. She teaches workshops throughout the world and is best known for the creation of Sacred Body Awakening.

Known for showing up as a trailblazing resource of unapologetic truth and transparent courage, her heart is both fierce and tender.  She carries an oral message that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without the need for permission or recognition from any other source. 

Anaiya lives in the Cathar region of Southern France and will be livestreaming with us from the Holy Initiation Caves.

Ariëtte Love

A pioneering spirit, dedicated to inspiring others, to step into the truth of who they are. 

Ariëtte has a strong and lifetimes long relationship with The Goddess and in particular Mary Magdalen, as well as the later devotees of The Way in southern France: the Cathars. She has organized several journeys and retreats in Sacred Sites, also in the Cathar region.

Ariëtte is the founder and spaceholder of HeartSOULutions. She is also a certified coach, counselor, kinesiologist, social worker, and is certified for various healing modalities. 

There are  three stunning photos in this website of Ariëtte: at Montsegur, in the forest and in the cave of Mary Magdalen. We are very thankful for this contribution.

Hanna Snorradottir

Hanna is a passionate storyteller, author and story-dancer from the North of Iceland.

Her mission is to bring the wisdom and magic of the Feminine Nordic Wisdom Tradition to the world through shamanism, healing words (storytelling) and Storydancing, in order for people to heal, find peace within and the inter-connectedness with nature.

She is the author of the brand new book: Goddess Wisdom from the North

Patrick Lenk

Patrick Lenk is a german singer and composer, who is creating deep life-changing chants and instrumental music. His musical pieces are new approaches to old mystical chants, as well as new unheard melodies. The effects of his unique voice and musical work have already helped millions of people to get in touch with subtle and transforming inner realms of life, shown by feedback from thousands of his listeners overflowing with stories of lives which have been changed and enriched due to the deep impact of his art.

Patrick is using his voice and art to bring an experience of mysticism, serious inner search, deeper understanding and spiritual healing to the world. 

Karina Bundgaard

Karing is a modern shaman specialised in channelling, contact with spirit guides and healing.

She hosts channelled and guided courses, educations, meditations, webinars/talks on spiritual topics and self development in close synergy with her own life processes and the understanding that life and the guidance gives her.

The history of the Cathars is one of the topics that she has dived into during her chanellings and vision journeys.


Jacob Moth is a dedicated psychonaout, musician and author of the book “Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly.” Ecaterina Moth is a spiritual guide, facilitator, singer and healer.  

They have dedicated their lives to support and guide spiritual seekers on their own adventure of self-discovery. Together they have created The Magic Garden, a modern Grail Castle, an Eleusis, whose highest purpose is to form a powerful morphogenetic field that enhances and facilitates direct access and connection to the Source. 

Their magical band LilaRose will enchant us with a livestreamed concert on the first day of the festival.

Mattis Olson

Mattis is a Swedish world musican playing celebration music with a touch of the heart. Mantra songs, chants, bhajans, in many styles, ballads, reggae, calypso, folk.

Mattis is an cosmic troubadour and has been a part of the Worldstory Festival co-creation team from the very beginning.

And Meet the Organizers

Tea Meriam Aurora

Tea is a storyteller, poet, mystic and healer of the heart. She works closely connected with the devas and inner realms of light. She is naturally gifted with clairvoyance and has a deep inner connection and remembrance of the hidden feminine wisdom and Priestess traditions.

For several years she felt a strong inner urge to create a field of collective healing of the ancient wounds of the Cathars, as she has vivid memories of the time and taps into how the wound still affects many of us and our society in suttle ways.

Together with her lifepartner, Rolf Jackson, she is the co-founder of Worldstory Festival and co-creater of the House of Avalon and Avalon Stonecircle.

Julie Mariel

Julie is an anthropologist and works with modern shamanism, healing, clairvoyance and hypnotic regression called SoulKey Therapy.

She has recollections of a past life as a child among the Cathars around 1244 where she witnessed the massacre at Montsegúr and was traumatised by the event with effects continuing up to this current life. 

She has experienced a great healing from releasing the old energy and will facilitate an inner journey, that allows ancient memories from our wounded past to resurface and transform, so her soul family can find peace with their story too.

Rolf Jackson

Rolf is a Quantum Philosopher, Cultural Shaman, Author and Teacher.

Rolf has a background as a civil engineer specialized in theoretical physics (M.Sc.E.). He has conducted extensive research into the history of early Christianity, contemporary philosophy, the foundations of modern science, psychology, monetary systems, political philosophy, esotericism and occultism. He has researched these topics in order to build a bridge between the symbolic and allegorical truth of the timeless wisdom and the undeniable facts of modern science. 

Together with his lifepartner, Tea Meriam Aurora, he is the co-founder of Worldstory Festival and co-creater of The House of Avalon and Avalon Stonecircle.

Marcus Myhr

Marcus is a historian of religion working as professional psychotherapist, esoteric healer and astrologer.

His spiritual journey began 21 years ago as he, through a deep depression, had an inner calling from the divine love of God. Ever since has he worked to let his own and other people´s light shine from within. He has worked with a deep rooted shame and guilt the past few years coming from the fear of letting his inner light and love shine forth.

Marcus works and cooperates with the healing light beyond and including all religions, the Christ energy, the Buddha field and the spiritual hierarchy. 

Now the most important question:

Are you coming?


The Calling

Do you recognize some or all of these feelings?

  • A knowledge in your heart, you are here for a reason?
  • A calling to lift the spirit of the world and take part in creating a new era?
  • Inner blocks that prevent you from stepping into your power?
  • A longing for greater clarity of your spiritual purpose?

…Then Return of the Elvenhearts is created for you!

The theme of this year´s festival has arisen from the inner work of the organizers. We have found that there is an archetypical trauma in the heart of humanity, birthed by the fate of the Cathars. We feel a deep calling to birth a new tradition that can rekindle true hope for a more beautiful future where love and power is united in the wisdom of the heart.

We are so happy to step into the world with our healing work, stand up for our beliefs and speak our truth clearly and unapologetically.

The Challenge

If you suffer from past life traumas, it can show itself by:

  • A heaviness in the heart – feeling like a hole inside.
  • A blockage in your throat chakra, that weakens your voice.
  • Unwillingness to fully embrace physical life and say YES to life on Earth
  • Doubting in yourself and your abilities.
  • Fearing how it will be received, if you express yourself directly from the heart.
  • Fear or phobia of fire, soldiers or other symbols of authorities.

Perhaps you know what it is like to be labeled a “witch”, “heretic,” or a “dreamer” when sharing your thoughts and inner experiences. And perhaps part of you shy away from being honest because in the back of your mind dark memories of past lives are lurking, like: “When I speak my truth, I die”.

No matter in which form you recognize this theme, we invite you to join us in a powerful healing festival with exciting stories, deep healing journeys and beautiful music.

The Healing

At the festival we will unfold our stories, heal and express ourselves. Some of your take-aways from the festival can be:

  • Deep healing of traumas and strengthening of your zest for life
  • Grounding of your spiritual power
  • A better grasp of the big picture, empowering you to take action
  • Connections to many other lightworkers and like-minded people
  • Beautiful and exciting experiences in the form of revelations, visions, concerts and more
  • Become part of a movement that is getting ready to shake things up

In extension of the online festival in June 18th-20th, there will also be an online event on August 21st (the day of the ancient prophecy) and a physical live event in  September in Odense, Denmark – more information is coming, join our newsletter to stay tuned.


The program sessions (except for breakout sharing rooms) will be recorded and made available for the participants for 3 months following the event. Thus if you miss parts of the event you can always watch them later.


Day 1 (Friday):


Day 1 is Day of Reunion with like-minded spirits and long lost soul family.

We will share stories and meet the wonderful musician Patrick Lenk, who shares the moving story behind his worldknown Cathar chants.

We will listen to revealations and deeper insights of the true conflicts moving underneath the surface at the time of the Cathars as well as now.

There will be enchanting livestream from initiation caves of Montsegur to our ancient memories, Cosmic Breath session and finally we will go on a magical inner journey ride with amazing LilaRose livestreaming a concert created especially for us from The Magic Garden.

Day 2 (Saturday):

Dark Night of the Soul

Day 2 is dedicated to The Dark Night of the Soul. We have accepted the invitation of initiation and travel deep into the darkness of our wounds and scars, embracing the gifts they have to offer us.

We are guided through initiation mysteries that reveal new insight of the crisis we are facing today.

We dance into a mystical fairytale about the Ring of Life, that has arisen through the magical collaboration of the Nordic storytellers Hanna Snorradottir, Tea Meriam Aurora & Rolf Jackson. Followed by healing journeys with historian of religion, Marcus Myhr, and Shamans, Julie Mariel & Karina Bundgaard that takes us back to the time of the Cathars, were we will transform and find the hidden gold of the darkness.

In the evening there will be moving concerts with the wonderful troubadour Mattis Olsson followed by an online “open stage”: Voices of the Cathars/ElvenHearts where you are invited to share art from your heart.

Day 3 (Sunday):

Cosmic Rebirth

Day 3 is the Day of Cosmic Rebirth. Like a phoenix we rise from the ashes and reclaim the power of our voices and choices. With cosmic light transmissions and healings where we call upon the Golden Heartstream of the Sun and angelic presence, we will tap into the next step of our soul missions.

We will express ourselves through life liberating art, storydancing, voicehealing and a special ceremony “Keepers of the Flame” where we take our power back and sing to life.

The grand final of our festival is an paneltalk with the Worldknown Danish Mystic and Author Lars Muhl, transmitter of Cosmic Light Codes and founder of the Goddess Rising program, Ariette Love & Worldstory Festivals Tea Meriam Aurora.

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