Kristian Thorsager

Worldstory Festival er begejstrede over at kunne byde på en koncert af KristianThorsager. Kristian giver koncert d. 4 juli og billetter kan købes ved indgangen eller bookes her hvis du vil være sikker på en plads. Du kan også tilmelde dig hele festivallen for en unik oplevelseSe festivalprogram her.


When I think back, I can remember that I have always had this special tone inside me.

A mood or state that has followed me ever since my childhood.
When I play and write my music, it is an experience of expressing this something, lying deep in me, but that also seems to be coming from another place.
It is on the one hand a very natural part of me, and on the other hand something that has nothing to do with me personally.

My personal life journey has been a lot about acknowledging this voice inside me, and developing the courage and trust to express this subtle part of my being.

Making my music gives me a sense of deep meaning and necessity.
An experience of – that I do what I came here to do!

Love Kristian

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