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Satyadev er vores elskede husmusiker og medarrangør og bor lokalt på Fyn. Satyadev giver koncert d. 2 juli. Køb billetten ved indgangen eller book din plads. Eller kom og oplev hele festivallen. Se festivalprogram her.

Fra Satyas hjemmeside:

Musician, yoga teacher and an ardent advocate of the vedas, satyadev comes from kolkata, india, bringing with him a magic carpet of sacred music and simple yet profound vedantic teachings in the form of powerful mantras and heartsongs.

Raised in an environment of rich indian spiritual tradition, satyadev’s mission is to open hearts through sacred music, mantra and meditation – tools of spiritual empowerment ​and self-realisation for thousands of years.

Satyadev carries in his heart a deep understanding of the vedic and yogic traditions and the essence, wisdom and power of the ancient teachings. Through joyful satsangs, concerts and mpower workshops, he shares the key to integrating the sacred teachings in everyday life.

Having also spent many years in company of bauls – the sufi minstrels of rural bengal, satyadev’s musical sound is a rich fusion of folk and ethnic rhythms translated through an intricate weave of strings. A student and teacher of vedanta, satyadev shuttles between denmark and kolkata, india and currently lives in a farm in the idyllic countryside of south denmark with his wife malene and two children, isha and vishnu.

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